Hi, I'm Ron, and this is my wife, Sarah.

Welcome to my personal website. My creativity, athletic interests, and appetite are based in Farmington, CT.


I am originally from Cranston, RI, where I lived until going to college. I grew up in a neighborhood full of Italian friends, and therefore, good food!

The Fam

My family still lives in RI, and when I'm home, we all enjoy a day at the beach, a meal out, or both. Meeting up for a show at a casino is also fun.


After Cranston High School West, I attended the Art School at The University of Hartford. I graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design.


Since June 30, 2006, I have been employed by ESPN. I'm a user experience product designer, regularly studying the HIG and Material Design.

My Teams

The Yankees are my team, but I also root for the NY Giants, Celtics, and Bruins. I know, strange mix, but one that speaks to living in CT.


Baseball has always been my game and 3B my position. Whether in a league, the backyard, or on a video game system, I love our National Pastime.


I started this sport in September 2010 and have never looked back. You'll often find me promoting it among friends. Its been a great lifestyle change.


I often wonder if I eat to live, or live to eat. Since CrossFit, I try to stay close to Paleo, but when those cheat meals come, I love to live it up!